Take Back Your Rights PAC

Building a Strong Foundation for New-Home Buyers

Frisco ~ Austin ~ Washington, D.C.

FRISCO, TEXAS - Take Back Your Rights PAC was the first organization of its kind in the North Texas boomtown of Frisco, Texas, to open up the city charter by citizens' petition. The PAC took on the 'Goliath' homebuilding industry to add a level of new-homebuyer security that would have set Frisco apart as a leader in consumer protection when purchasing a new-home.

Take Back Your Rights PAC proposed two charter amendments. The first charter amendment would have provided a full disclosure with informed consent when purchasing a new-home. The wording of the disclosure with informed consent provisions was to be clear, specific and easily understood. Full disclosure of mandatory alternative dispute resolution (e.g. Binding Arbitration) was a requirement of this amendment.

The second amendment would have provided financial accountability in the form of a surety bond. The Homebuilder´┐Żs Surety Bond Charter Amendment purpose was to provide consumer protection for homeowners; to provide procedures and principles for home construction and for the maintenance of the integrity of new homes; and to assure homebuilder financial responsibility.

Our grassroots organization has grown from being a committee that desires important local change to one that seeks it nationally. We are currently working on reform projects at the state level and national level. We are providing input and testimony to reform the Texas Residential Construction Commission (TRCC), working to provide consumer protection in the homebuilding industry and working to eliminate pre-dispute binding mandatory arbitration clauses in consumer contracts.

Join us and Take Back Your Rights.